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Hall North “Xstasis” Supported by Paul Oakenfold!

Hot from Celestial’s Ibiza Sampler 2011 is Hall North’s “Xstasis” with massive support from Paul Oakenfold!

DJ: Paul Oakenfold
Title: Full On Fluoro 002
Date: 28-06-2011

01. Jorg Murcus “Zijdelingse Bespiegelingen”
02. Technasia “Obsession” (Technasia)
03. Aquile & TeeB feat. Ton Chief “Ruined” (IRA remix) (Emphase)
04. Warren Clarke “Everybody” (Milk & Sugar)
05. Hertz “Funkster” (Craft Music)
06. Helber Gun “Human Extinction” (Uxmal Records)
07. Stratil “On Beat” (Uxmal Records)
08. Christian Cambas vs Phntm “Window Pain”
09. Federation “Synchronized” (Protoculture remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
10. Egorhymia “Night Sight” (Felgma & Nerso Remix)
11. Paul Oakenfold & Marco V “Groove Machine” (Perfecto)
12. Helber Gun “Swing Drop” (Iono Music)
13. Spyke “Breakz Army” (Vim Records)
14. Justin Oh “Wait for You”
15. Sensogram “Deep Connection” (Uxmal Records)
16. Prava & Photographer “Time Code”
17. Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson “Blizzard” (Liquid Soul remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
18. Aerospace “Security Risk” (Spin Twist)
19. Aerospace “Shocking” (Marc Simz remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
20. Hall North “Xstasis” (Celestial Recordings)
21. Robin Ordell “The Show” (Leftroom)
22. Vanyano Aida & The Beast “Final Transformation”
23. Depeche Mode “Never Let Me Down Again” (MUTE)
24. Zen Mechanics “Holy Cities” (Ace Ventura Remix)
25. Paul Gibson “Tritium”
26. Colombo “Summit” (iBreaks)
27. Neelix vs. PPK “The Right Resurrection” (Paul Oakenfold Mash-up)
28. Beat Service “Charged” (Armada)
29. W&W feat. Ana Criado “Three O’Clock” (Camera remix) (Armada)
30. Olive “You’re Not Alone” (Paul Webster remix)

Link to Hall North “Xstasis” – > http://www.beatport.com/release/celestial-recordings-ibiza-sampler-2011/375933