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Jorge Jaramillo feat Andrea Love – I’ll Be Just Fine Hit the Studio

Here is Andrea Love from the “Shine On Me – Praise Cats” fame collaborating with Jorge Jaramillo (Who Da Funk) of “Shiny Disco Balls” which is now available on Celestial Recordings Annual Compilation, click here.

Celestial Recordings ADE Sampler 2011 hits Traxsource Front Page!

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading electronic music conference and the world’s biggest club festival for electronic music.

To coincide with this huge event, Celestial Recordings have put together an exclusive collection of the biggest upfront tracks, that displays a true passion and understanding for superior electronic music.

Link to Celestial Recordings ADE Sampler 2011 – http://bit.ly/oZFNWs

Armin Van Buuren Supporting Ben Colmen “The Drummer” (Sage Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Progressive House Mix (2011.08.21).mp3
01.Orjan Nilsen Between The Rays
02.Mike Shiver/Matias Lehtola Slacker
03.Joey Negro/Z Factor Keep On Jumpin’ [Luigi Rocca Remix]
04.Ben Colmen The Drummer [Sage Remix]
05.Ray Foxx The Trumpeter [Chocolate Puma Remix]
06.EDX Angry Heart [Dub Mix]
07.Hardwell Encoded
08.Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner Conscindo
09.Marcus Maison & Will Dragen Another Dimension
10.Dark Matters/Ana Criado Quest Of A Dream [Dabruck/Klein]
11.Macnit Macnit [Mischa Daniels & Beatmux]
12.Very nice house track:)
13.Adham Ashraf & Manny Suarez Mind Seduction [StoneBridge Mix]
14.Dabruck & Klein feat Stella Attar Heartbeat
Ben Colmen “The Drummer” EP avilable now via Beatport. Click here

Hall North “Xstasis” Supported by Paul Oakenfold!

Hot from Celestial’s Ibiza Sampler 2011 is Hall North’s “Xstasis” with massive support from Paul Oakenfold!

DJ: Paul Oakenfold
Title: Full On Fluoro 002
Date: 28-06-2011

01. Jorg Murcus “Zijdelingse Bespiegelingen”
02. Technasia “Obsession” (Technasia)
03. Aquile & TeeB feat. Ton Chief “Ruined” (IRA remix) (Emphase)
04. Warren Clarke “Everybody” (Milk & Sugar)
05. Hertz “Funkster” (Craft Music)
06. Helber Gun “Human Extinction” (Uxmal Records)
07. Stratil “On Beat” (Uxmal Records)
08. Christian Cambas vs Phntm “Window Pain”
09. Federation “Synchronized” (Protoculture remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
10. Egorhymia “Night Sight” (Felgma & Nerso Remix)
11. Paul Oakenfold & Marco V “Groove Machine” (Perfecto)
12. Helber Gun “Swing Drop” (Iono Music)
13. Spyke “Breakz Army” (Vim Records)
14. Justin Oh “Wait for You”
15. Sensogram “Deep Connection” (Uxmal Records)
16. Prava & Photographer “Time Code”
17. Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson “Blizzard” (Liquid Soul remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
18. Aerospace “Security Risk” (Spin Twist)
19. Aerospace “Shocking” (Marc Simz remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
20. Hall North “Xstasis” (Celestial Recordings)
21. Robin Ordell “The Show” (Leftroom)
22. Vanyano Aida & The Beast “Final Transformation”
23. Depeche Mode “Never Let Me Down Again” (MUTE)
24. Zen Mechanics “Holy Cities” (Ace Ventura Remix)
25. Paul Gibson “Tritium”
26. Colombo “Summit” (iBreaks)
27. Neelix vs. PPK “The Right Resurrection” (Paul Oakenfold Mash-up)
28. Beat Service “Charged” (Armada)
29. W&W feat. Ana Criado “Three O’Clock” (Camera remix) (Armada)
30. Olive “You’re Not Alone” (Paul Webster remix)

Link to Hall North “Xstasis” – > http://www.beatport.com/release/celestial-recordings-ibiza-sampler-2011/375933

Beatport Exclusive – Hall North “Jonah” Remixes from Sasha Le Monnier & Ryan Luciano

Cobian & Sirak “Yok Soy” – No.2 in Top 100 Deep House Charts!

From the launch of our Ibiza Sampler, Cobian & Sirak’s “Yok Soy” hits No.2 in Top 100 Deep House Charts on DJTunes.com

Link to track – http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists/ibiza-sampler-2011

Federico Curatolo “Stop Me” hits No.28 in DMC World Buzz Charts!!

DMC Buzz Charts – The World Renowned Industry Standard Tastemakers Chart!

The Buzz is all about that moment in a track when your hands raise up with emotion or your head looks down to the floor when it gets dark and twisted.  Federico Curatolo “Stop Me” hits No.28 in DMC World Buzz Charts

Link to Buzz Chart – http://www.dmcupdate.com/charts/charts.asp?id=2184

Link to track – http://beatport.com/s/r1CELb

Celestial Recordings Ibiza Sampler 2011 No.39 DMC World House Charts!

Celestial Recordings Ibiza Sampler 2011 hits number 39 in the DMC World House Charts!

Click here for Link to DMC World House Charts

Link to track – http://beatport.com/s/r1zNrb

Celestial Recordings Ibiza Sampler 2011!

Celestial Recordings Ibiza Sampler 2011, the definitive collection of the hottest tracks for the Summer ready to rock the dance floor on the White Isle!

Featuring Celestial artist’s:- Jon Fitz, Velma Dandzo, Finn Bell, Downton, Monobass, The Commissioners, Glenn Storey, Lana Cavalli & Dan Back, Willie Buetas & Martin Ruizh, Jamour Landson, Ken Fan & JP Chronic, Ilya Hype & Projekt Inertia, Dirtyworx, Gordon Star, Steve Mastro, Ben Colmen, Marco Loco, Joelle Atkins, Cobian, Sirak, Hall North, Reilly Project & Steve Froggatt.

Link to buy – http://beatport.com/s/r1zNrb

Steve Froggatt “Mind Set” enters No.45 in DMC World House Charts!


Steve Froggatt’s track “Mind Set” from his debut Movements EP, hits number 45 in the DMC World House Charts!

Click here for Link to DMC World House Charts

Link to track – http://beatport.com/s/r1vdXb